Whether it’s a new fire alarm, a property modification or a full fire system upgrade, we have the solution for you.

Fire Alarms

Protecting the things that mean the most.

Liberty Fire Protection can provide a wide range of installation services that are UL Listed fire alarm solutions that meet NFPA and authority Having Jurisdiction requirements. Our customers include but are not limited to Real Estate Companies, property management, hospitals, professional medical buildings, churches, school districts, General Contractors, Architectural, Engineering and Electrical Contractors.

We are a distributor for some of the top brands in fire protection, such as Gamewell-FCI, Farenhyt, and DMP.


Already have an existing fire system? We can also provide a solution from those manufacturers to ensure you have the right equipment for the existing system you currently have.

We can provide a fire control platform that is the perfect solution for your application. Systems range from simple stand-alone models to more expansive systems for medium to large applications available with options for audio evacuation and networking in a variety of analog/intelligent fire alarm control panels.

We can provide building owners with the option of starting small, then expanding as their needs do. The modular design allows for a small system to be migrated to a larger system complete with audio and a network capacity. The expansion options are almost endless.

Whether it’s a new fire alarm, a property modification or a full fire system upgrade, we have the solution for you.


Our Installation Services Include:

  • System Design and plan Engineering.
  • Preparation and filing of plans and specifications
  • Permitting with the proper Authorities Having Jurisdiction
  • All systems components including wire, conduit and fittings
  • Complete building installations or partial alterations
  • Final inspection and approval by Authorities Having Jurisdiction
  • All programming is performed by factory trained technicians
  • System service and maintenance as required
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